2016 Citrus Expo Theme: Now Is the Time

Theme NITTWhen the planning committee considered ideas for this year’s Citrus Expo seminar program theme, much was being discussed about the unique timing of the industry right now. While growers, the scientific community and the industry at large are still grappling with the HLB challenge, progress continues on several fronts to bring answers for growers as they contemplate what they should be doing and when. Numerous ideas were discussed by members of the committee, which is comprised of representatives from Florida’s regional citrus grower associations, the Citrus Research and Development Foundation, the Citrus Research and Education Center and members of the Citrus Expo implementation team.

So, considering this year’s seminars, and a number of things growers should be thinking about in this critical year that some consider a turning point for those who plan to remain in the business, the theme of “Now Is the Time” was selected. Members of the planning committee came up with several ways this statement could be realized this summer.

Now is the Time…
…to order seedlings if you plan to replant.
…to reorganize and focus research efforts.
…to order materials and products, depending on your grove strategy going forward.
…to dig in and get more trees in the ground for the future.
…to study new varieties, including HLB-resistant ones and other options.
…to develop the vision for your grove of the future.
…to realize citrus can be grown in the presence of HLB, and more is being learned about how to do it.
…to test your soil.
…to find out about various programs available to citrus growers.
…to get help with technology.
…to learn how to manage production with new tools and techniques.
…to learn about Florida’s new water initiative and why it is important right now to citrus growers.
…to visit with your citrus grower friends and neighbors at every opportunity.
to come to Citrus Expo’s 25th anniversary, August 17–18, 2016, and stay for all the special events taking place!