Invest in Our Future Farmers at Citrus Expo

Citrus Expo is proud to partner with Florida FFA for eight years and counting! Citrus Expo takes pride in providing a leadership opportunity for FFA members to be able to network and connect with industry professionals. Expo allows FFA members to get a first-hand look at how different parts of the agriculture industry can come together.

The FFA was founded by young farmers in 1928 to continue to keep the passion for farming alive and well in times when its popularity was starting to decrease. FFA allows students to gain leadership experience and learn more about a future in an agriculture-based career.

The officers who volunteer at Expo are newly elected each year in June at the Florida State FFA Convention. After a month-long leadership orientation, Citrus Expo is one of the first, major events in the industry that this new crop of young leaders attends as a group. They play a key role at Citrus Expo, working hard from set-up to tear down.

Citrus Expo has donated thousands of dollars to Florida FFA from this partnership, and we ask attendees to help support this effort. FFA officers will be selling tickets at Citrus Expo for some fantastic prize drawings. The raffle will be split up between Wednesday and Thursday. Any prizes given out Wednesday you must be present to win. Drawings will take place on the trade show floor. Tickets can also be purchased ahead of time online here. Please support the Florida FFA by buying tickets!

Pre-registration for Citrus Expo is now open! Click the “Registration” tab at to learn more and register for the 2017 Citrus Expo. All pre-registered growers will be eligible to win a John Deere gun safe courtesy of Everglades Farm Equipment.

As growers pre-register online, they are encouraged to participate in a very short, anonymous survey on bactericide use. Take the survey here. Conducted by AgNet Media in cooperation with the Citrus Research and Development Foundation, the 2017 survey will build on knowledge gathered from the 2016 survey. Results of the survey will be presented during the Citrus Expo seminar program.

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