2020 Schedule

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Wednesday August 19, 2020 - 9:30 a.m. - Seminars begin

Wednesday August 19, 2020 - 9:30 a.m. - Virtual Trade Show Opens

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General Session

Mexico’s ag exports: Impacts on Florida agriculture, Mike Joyner

The Florida hemp program is becoming the role model for the country, Holly Bell

Citrus Sessions

Session 1

Economics of grove management, Ariel Singerman

Rootstocks and varieties, Jude Grosser

Is bigger ultimately better? An update on large-scale rootstock evaluations on ridge and flatwoods sites, Ute Albrecht

Performance of HLB-affected orange trees under varying macro/micronutrient applications using frequent irrigation, Davie Kadyampakeni

Soil health for citrus: Considerations and challenges, Sarah Strauss

Natural compounds to help in the fight against HLB, Lorenzo Rossi

Session 2

Root disease management, Evan Johnson

Reducing psyllids improves tree health even when trees have HLB: IPM approaches, Lukasz Stelinski

Pest management and new pests, Lauren Diepenbrock

IPCs: New data on tree performance and lessons learned, Fernando Alferez

Current progress on developing disease-resistant citrus varieties using the CRISPR technology, Nian Wang

Leprosis and stem-pitting: Exotic viral diseases we want to keep out of Florida, Amit Levy

Foliar fungal diseases, Megan Dewdney

Ready, aim, fire: Do foliar-applied antibiotics reach the target? Christopher Vincent

Vegetable and Specialty Crop Sessions

Session 1

Mexican competition and the Florida fruit and vegetable industry, Zhengfei Guan

Tomato brown rugose fruit virus and resistance-breaking tospoviruses in tomatoes, Ozgur Batuman

Emerging technology for vegetables, Yiannis Ampatzidis

Examining soil health for Florida vegetable production, Sarah Strauss

Cover crops and fumigants for weed control in vegetables, Nathan Boyd

Managing heat stress in strawberry production using reflective plastic mulch, Shinsuke Agehara

Session 2

Improving Florida tomatoes through CRISPR gene-editing, Tong Geon Lee

Current breeding strategies to provide improved and long-lasting resistance to fusarium wilt of tomato, Sam Hutton

New strawberry varieties for Florida, Vance Whitaker

Integrated management of whiteflies, Jawwad Qureshi

Vegetable weed management toolbox: Getting the most out of current options and potential new additions, Ramdas Kanissery

Fumigant alternatives for nematode management in vegetable and specialty crops, Johan Desaeger