Speaker Spotlight: Albrecht on “From Planning to Planting”

Ute Albrecht

Ute Albrecht

Ute Albrecht, University of Florida assistant professor for plant physiology, will be giving a seminar at this year’s Citrus Expo. Her talk will provide growers with the latest information for establishing new groves in the presence of HLB.

She says her presentation involves several different subjects that are all based on a collaboration of knowledgeable experts on those subjects.

Some of the topics she be will touching on are: tree selection, size preparation, planting and trunk protection. Albrecht says she believes that growers will be interested in the topics of irrigation, nutrition and pest control as well.

“HLB is obviously a big issue right now, and I think some growers may be hesitant to replant. But it is very important to replant,” says Albrecht, “It’s very important for them to do the right thing; otherwise they are wasting their money. So, I think that if they know how to treat their young trees properly, they may have a better chance of making a profit in the end.”

Her seminar is on Wednesday, August 17, 2016.

See the complete seminar schedule here.

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