Speaker Spotlight: Christopher Vincent

Christopher Vincent

Managing the Asian citrus psyllid that spreads citrus greening disease has become a crucial but difficult task. In the 2018 Citrus Expo seminar program, Christopher Vincent, an assistant professor with the University of Florida (UF), will present his latest research on psyllid management in Florida groves.

Vincent has been studying the use of kaolin clays, as they are currently marketed and with some color added to them, on psyllid populations. Kaolin clays are also called particle films because the particles are applied directly to leaves. According to Vincent, the idea is if these clays can camouflage the citrus tree leaves, then psyllids will not land on the leaves and infect the trees.

Kaolin clay on citrus leaves.

Vincent is using typical kaolin clays that are white in color. He is also dying the kaolin clay red (which appears pink once it is finished) to see if color has an effect on psyllids. Vincent is comparing the use of different colored kaolin clays in groves with and without foliar insecticides.

He is also studying the effects of white and dyed kaolin on photosynthesis. Vincent says this aspect of his research is still a work in progress, but he has seen some interesting results.

Although these studies have only been going on for a little over a year, Vincent reports he has several results to present to growers at Citrus Expo. His presentation will be on Wednesday afternoon, Aug. 15.

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