Speaker Spotlight: Johnson on Managing Citrus Canker

Evan Johnson

Continuing with our weekly “Speaker Spotlights,” Evan Johnson, research assistant scientist at the Citrus Research and Education Center, is this week’s featured Citrus Expo presenter. Johnson will be giving an update on managing citrus canker.

His presentation will mainly cover how to manage fruit drop on sweet oranges that can be caused by citrus canker early in the season. His talk also will include a discussion of the full-season management for fresh fruit production, and implications regarding the use of Firewall.

“Citrus canker, if uncontrolled, can cause a major loss of fruit due to early-season infections that lead to fruit drop,” says Johnson. He added that growers will be interested in learning about how to manage early crop loss so they can keep as much fruit on the tree as possible.

The seminar will be held on Wednesday, August 17, 2016.

Find more information on the Citrus Expo seminar schedule.

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