Speaker Spotlight: Sparks on Incentives

Michael Sparks

The 25th Citrus Expo has many exciting things lined up for its silver anniversary. One of those is an excellent selection of seminar speakers to provide the Florida citrus industry with the latest research and information it needs to know.

Mike Sparks, CEO of Florida Citrus Mutual, will be conducting a seminar on replanting incentive opportunities.

“In the last couple years,” Sparks says, “there have been several private, state and federal incentives that could nudge Florida citrus growers to replant.”

Sparks says the goal of the seminar is to show that the replanting incentives are a win for the grower, state of Florida and consumers who will have the opportunity to enjoy Florida citrus.

His seminar will be held on the afternoon of Wednesday, August 17, 2016.

For more information on the Citrus Expo seminar schedule, please visit the “Program” tab at CitrusExpo.net.

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