Speaker Spotlight: Tripti Vashisth

Tripti Vashisth

Tripti Vashisth, assistant professor and citrus Extension specialist from the University of Florida, will be among the presenters in the 2017 Citrus Expo seminar program.

Vashisth’s talk, on Thursday, August 17, will be about nutrition programs used by growers. She said because each grower uses something different, she is working with them to try to find similarities among the programs.

She plans to create a program based on the commonalities found between current programs growers are using. Some of Vashisth’s findings from this research will be presented at Citrus Expo, along with her future plans for this program.

Pre-registration for Citrus Expo is now open! All pre-registered growers will be eligible for a chance to win a John Deere gun safe courtesy of Everglades Equipment Group. As growers pre-register online, they are encouraged to participate in a very short, anonymous survey on bactericide use. Take the survey here. Conducted by AgNet Media in cooperation with the Citrus Research and Development Foundation, the 2017 survey will build on knowledge gathered from the 2016 survey. Results of the survey will be presented during the Citrus Expo seminar program.

Complete details of the seminar schedule are available here. To learn more about Citrus Expo, or to register, visit CitrusExpo.net.

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